Jim Panagas

Jim Panagas

About Jim Panagas

Jim Panagas is a business communications strategist who works with technology companies on a global basis to overcome marketing challenges.

In a world obsessed with the rapid, mass distribution of messaging, Jim is focused on the quality of corporate messaging:, which means asking ourselves the right questions:  Are we communicating something that the marketplace cares about? Is it clear and compelling? Does it need to be accompanied by imagery in order to have maximum effect? Is it  reaching the target audience? And are recipients taking the action(s)  that we want them to?

The right corporate messaging requires intelligent writing, thinking, and decision-making and it takes time and effort. That is what Jim Panagas is all about – crafting the right message that encourages people to become followers, partners, and customers of your company, and that further attracts the attention of editors and analysts.

Jim has been working at the VP/Director level for more than 15 years. His most recent assignment was Director of PR & Analyst Relations for Kentico Software, a European CMS software company. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Marketing for a $1B business unit of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) that specialized in compliance and payment solutions, and before that, he was Vice President of Marketing for Taxware–A First Data Company, producers of a sales tax calculation engine that bolted onto SAP and Oracle.

An accomplished marketer, writer, reporter, and strategist, he has appeared on both sides of the camera (watch his interview on the CMS-Connected webTV show) and his articles have appeared in such leading publications as CMS-Connected, CMSWire, Direct Marketing, EContent, Loyalty360, and Website Magazine (Click on each magazine title to view Jim's full article in each one).

Jim often works as part of a global team, managing resources in other parts of the world. He has become particularly adept at working with European and APAC companies looking to establish a strong presence in the U.S. marketplace.