Welcome to Jim Panagas Marketing & Communications, a Boston-based CONSULTING PRACTICE helping companies to accelerate growth and dramatically improve market visibility. That's something we accomplish by understanding each client's unique business situation and applying cutting edge marketing solutions to affect change. Although based in New England, we work with clients and collaborate with colleagues all across the country.

We help clients address BUSINESS CHALLENGES such as...

Branding & Reputation Management
Customer Retention
Demand Generation
Revenue Growth
Thought Leadership

by building MARKETING PROGRAMS that include elements such as...

Case Studies
Corporate Identity & Logo Design
Corporate Video
Direct mail 
Literature Folders
Online Surveys
Social Media
Trade Shows
User Conferences
Website Design & Content Management

What We Can Do for You


Start-Ups and Small Businesses
Smaller organizations often don't have a dedicated marketing executive on board.  We help them take those CRITICAL FIRST STEPS such as building corporate identity... producing baseline marketing materials... and reaching a broader audience through email marketing.


Once a company has 50-100 employees on board, they have the basics covered but often need help in selected areas. For them, we deliver POINT SOLUTIONS such as applying higher production values to company webcasts... producing collateral materials that create buzz in the marketplace...and developing and deploying campaigns that generate greater demand.


Large Corporations
Corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees often pull their marketing organizations in different directions at the same time.  We enable them to stay focused by MANAGING SELECTED MARKETING PROGRAMS IN THEIR ENTIRETY. This might mean taking ownership of a newsletter program, interviewing customers and developing case studies,  or managing the total communications effort around a trade show, conference, or other corporate event.

Member-Driven Organizations
Like start-ups and small businesses, professional societies often don't have a marketing person on board. For them, we provide STRATEGIC COUNSEL and give them the option to COMPLETELY OUTSOURCE PROJECTS. Initiatives might include deploying an online survey, developing more professional looking emails and marketing materials, or driving greater attendance to events.