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THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING THE RIGHT COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY: Pictured above are the myriad of marketing activities that businesses need to master in order to make a run at market leadership. As a good communications program gains momentum, great things start to happen.

Why is it that some companies tend to “catch fire” and attract lots of attention in the marketplace, while others seem to never get it quite right and fade into obscurity? Certainly, having the right product or technology at the right time is a big part of it. But so too is the company’s communications strategy.

CEOs, COOs, and CMOs need to be constantly asking themselves these questions: 

  • Are we regularly out in the marketplace telling the company’s story?

  • Are we successfully explaining our products, services, and vision to industry analysts?

  • Are we connecting with editors and bloggers, providing them with story ideas, giving them access to partners and customers, and drafting articles?

  • Are we out interacting with people at trade shows, conferences, and seminars?

  • Are our executives taking advantage of speaking opportunities?

  • Does the company have an aggressive social media footprint so that people can keep track of what we’re up to on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.?

  • And, is the company projecting its image on a regional, national, or global basis? The latter requires a lot more juggling, managing resources not only in North America but also in EMEA and APAC.

The reality is that winning companies communicate with the marketplace far more effectively and convincingly than their competitors.

On the pages of this website, you’ll come across some fresh thinking. You’ll get a sense of how writer, marketer, strategist, and media spokesperson Jim Panagas just might be able to help you close the gap and, ultimately, out-market your closest competitors.

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