does your business have the right communications strategy?

Winning in today’s B2B world is about more than having the right product or technology at the right time. It’s about more than pushing out blogs and marketing content at a frenetic pace. And, it means more than relying solely on marketing automation to get you to the finish line.

The reality is that winning companies communicate with the marketplace far more effectively and convincingly than their competitors.

So what does that mean? It means that your corporate communications need to be of the highest caliber: Thoughtfully designed websites. Compelling interviews and articles. Highly interactive webcasts. Insightful videos. Social media blasts that attract attention. And flawlessly executed corporate events. Most of all, it means engaging the most senior level marketing expertise you can lay your hands on.

On the following pages, you’ll come across some fresh thinking. Some instances where you think, “hmm, never thought of that.” You’ll start to get a sense of how writer, marketer, and strategist Jim Panagas just might be able to help you close the gap and eventually out-market your closest competitors.


THE IMPORTANCE OF HAVING THE RIGHT COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY: Pictured above are the myriad of marketing activities that businesses need to master in order to make a run at market leadership. When a good communications program begins to roll and starts gathering momentum, great things can and do happen.

Global Messaging
Field Marketing
Video Content
Media Spokesperson
Analyst Relations
Public Relations
Partner Marketing
Meeting Facilitation
Social Media
Customer Success
Demand Generation
Event Maximization